I’m a total geek for the Olympics, which means I’m a total geek for Olympic crafts for kids every two years.

Sitting with my kids, watching the pageantry of the opening ceremonies featuring athletes from countries all over the world, is always such a thrill.

I hope these fun Winter Olympics crafts will keep your kids entertained. Even if they’re not quite as into Nordic Combined as you are.

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8 fun, easy Olympics crafts for kids

Updated for 2022


Olympic crafts to help get kids excited
for the Olympic Games

Olympics Crafts for the kid: PyeongChang torch at Twenty Five Things

The Olympic torch is so iconic, and this Olympic Torch craft for kids from Twenty Five Things is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to make. And hey, maybe I can send my kids outside to run laps around the house with it while the adults get dinner ready.

Olympics crafts for kids: cereal Olympic medals at My Sister's Suitcase

What’s better than a faux Olympic medal? One you can eat, of course! This cute edible Olympic medal craft at My Sister’s Suitcase is cute  — and yummy.

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Olympics crafts for kids: Painted rocks at Non-Toy Gifts

As a kid, I found the array of flags and costumes from countries around the world just so exotic and exciting. This cute DIY flag rock Olympic craft activity at Non Toy Gifts is perfect for kids who feel the way I do. Have your children collect rocks ahead of time, then set them up with paint brushes and some paint.

Free printable world flags bunting from Mr. Printables for Winter Olympics decorating and crafts

Decorating your living room or playroom with this free printable world flag bunting from Mr. Printables that kids can help put together would be a nice touch.

Olympic crafts for kids: Paper cup bobsleds

These paper-cup bobsleds are so cute and easy, even for those of us without a crafty bone in our bodies! Just set your kids up with a sleeve of paper cups, some popsicle sticks, and their collection of LEGO minifigs or Playmobil people, and before you know it you’ll have an entire team of bobsledders.

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Olympics crafts for kids: LEGO Olympic rings at Little Bins for Little Hands

As long as you’re going through the kids’ LEGO stash, I’ll be be pulling out our huge bucket of random bricks so that my kids can make this DIY LEGO Olympic rings craft at Little Bins for Little Hands. Maybe they’ll even create a medal podium, a slalom course, or a bobsled with them too. Creativity, for the win!

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Olympics crafts for kids: Countries sorting game at Planet Smarty

If the Olympics are sparking an interest in geography for your kids, this printable Olympic countries game at Planet Smarty should be fun for them while watching the Winter Olympics this year. Print out the Olympic rings and flags, then have your kids place the flags in the right spot on each map. You can get in on the fun too, parents — it’s not all that easy!


Olympics crafts for kids: Medal podium photo booth at Apartment Therapy

This fun Olympic games photo booth setup at Apartment Therapy is perfect if you’re having friends over to watch the opening ceremonies with you. And since competition really motivates my kids, I might just leave it up to award prizes for best at completing their chores, best at finishing all their veggies at dinner…you get the picture.