Playmobil JudoThough enjoying the Olympics means that we are all watching about 2000x as much television as we normally would on a nice summer’s day, I love how inspired my kids’ play has become. Whether they are turning the couch cushions into hurdles or doing somersaults on their bed, the Olympics has become a huge part of our days.

The 15 affordable Playmobil High-Performance Athletes sets cover everything from those popular gymnasts and swimmers to some of the less-promoted sports of table tennis and hammer throw. I know that my light-saber-obsessed son would love to play with the two fencing figures, though they’ll probably be added to one of his Star Wars LEGO sets.
Each set runs less than $5, so you can grab just a couple of your child’s favorite sports. I only wish that there was a little more variety within each sport so that you throw a few different swimmers into the tub for a race at bath time. And it’d be nice to see a female weight lifter or male volleyball players–along with more variety in skin color for the individual athletes. Like real life?

Playmobil High-Performance Athletes: hammer throw

But there is no saying you can’t take your female volleyball player and hand her the hammer throw—these little figures are pretty interchangeable. They are also super sturdy, meaning that there is a very real chance they’ll still be around for the Rio summer games.

Though I would personally like to thank Playmobil for not creating a giant Olympic Stadium set with 10,000 tiny pieces to assemble. My hands sweat just at the thought of it. –Christina

Grab one or all 15 of Playmobil’s High-Performace Athletes from for kids 3+. And check out their commitment to safety
and European production guidelines, which we like a lot