Considering this cold weather in the northeast shows no signs of going anywhere (keep it to yourselves, SoCal friends!) I continue to collect collecting plenty of indoor activities to keep the kids busy. We’ve loved OMY’s giant coloring posters for a while now, and there are some really cool new themes coming out soon. But the one that really caught my eye is the Giant Keith Haring Coloring Roll.

Considering the iconic artist’s work is so playful and whimsical to being with, it’s absolutely perfect as a coloring page for kids of any size. But because OMY’s version just so massive, it will keep the kids busy for many nights and weekends.

When you’re done? Amazing piece of wall art for their bedroom or a playroom.

OMY's giant Keith Haring coloring poster will keep kids busy and creative for weeks!

Consider doing what our Associate Editor Christina did with her own kids: She unrolled one of OMY’s posters across her dining room table and just left it there for weeks. You may never have to hear “I’m boooo-ooored!” again.


Find the Giant Keith Haring Coloring Roll and other cool designs at OMY’s website for $32.50.