My board-gaming family geeked out just a little this week, getting our hands on our very own personalized board game, Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. For my kids, a new board game is always fun…but one with their own photos as the game pieces? Minds blown.

Race Across the USA is from the makers of the popular personalized I See Me! books. It’s essentially a travel-themed Candy Land. To move down the board, you flip cards and match the color to the next space on the board. (See, Candy Land.) There are also a few “landmark” cards thrown in, to move you forward…or backward.

But the best part is the fact that the board itself includes the family’s names on it and the game pieces are customized too.

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Race Across the USA totally personalized board game for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Send in your photos when you order the game, and up to six family members will be forever immortalized on a game piece, flying a biplane, complete with funny vintage flight helmets and goggles.

No more fighting over who gets to be the red and who gets to be the blue!

My one complaint is that the game pieces are made from coated cardstock, and not hard board, so you’ll have to encourage your kids to play gently. Especially the preschoolers. That said, while the game is really designed for kids 3-6, my 12 year old enjoyed one good round before he left us to play Overwatch. That’s the power of a custom gift.

You can order your own custom Our Family’s Race Across the U.S.A. board game for $30 on the I See Me! websiteThanks to the company for providing CMP a game for editorial consideration.