I’m a nursing mother, so it’s not unusual to see images of breastfeeding moms and babes when I scroll through my Instagram. And while I fully expect to see this content from my fave maternity sites and pro-breastfeeding bloggers, the recent Gap ad of a woman nursing her child stopped me mid-swipe.

A breastfeeding mom in a Gap ad? Wearing a top that’s not even a specialty nursing item?

It’s almost like nursing moms are regular people! Who wear regular clothes! And are willing to stretch out our necklines to feed our babies!

Who knew.

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In all seriousness, Gap’s Instagram post gives me so much hope for a world more accepting of breastfeeding as a natural part of everyday life. Because even as someone who believes strongly in a woman’s right to breastfeed in public, sometimes I still feel a pang of anxiety when I lift my shirt in a restaurant or park. So I’m thankful for retailers like Gap who use their platforms to normalize breastfeeding for all of us.

It helps, too, that the image is absolutely gorgeous.

So here’s to all the brands out there who are helping mamas nurse in comfort and confidence wherever we damn well please.