Calling all moms supporting nursing moms! My favorite baby shower gift of the year is here!

You have to check out this wonderful Boobs baby blanket created by Lot 801 in partnership with Gravel & Gold, which is a perfect way to honor the #dropthecover campaign.

The best part (besides the design) is how it’s described on the site: The Boobs baby blanket can be a swaddling blanket, a play mat, a scarf, a car seat cover. It can wipe snotty noses or bundle up wet babies after baths. But it is not a nursing cover.

Unless you want it to be.

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The way I see it, moms who are doing the beautiful and often challenging work of feeding their newborn babies should be the ones who get to decide when, where, and how they do it. That’s it. end of story.

Bonus: you’ve got someone in your life who’s all, “ew boobs…” when it comes to breastfeeding, well, what better clapback than casually whipping out this blanket.

You can find the Boobs baby blanket by Lot 801 and Gravel & Gold at