If you’re like me, this DIY Pin & Flair Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop will transport you back to the carefree days of your youth. That is, the good parts, not the parts with the retainer and the bad hair. Because the pins are made with Shrinky Dinks! (Or at least whatever the unbranded version of Shrinky Dinks are.)

In case you hadn’t noticed, pins and patches started making a comeback a couple of years ago. Now they’re everywhere, from the lapels of businessmen to the necklines of celebrities. There’s even a Pins and Patch Expo, which makes me want to put on a big, blank sweater and jump on the first plane to NYC.

With this kit, you’ll — uh, I mean your kids — can get in on the trend in the coolest, craftiest way.

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Because sometimes just getting out of bed deserves a medal

DIY pin and flair kit from Yellow Owl Workshop is a fantastic gift for crafty kids for under $15!

DIY pin and flair craft kit for kids makes pins, hair clips or backpack charms

You’ll have the best time coloring and making your own pins, and when you’re done with your creations, put them on your denim jacket, hook up your rainbow suspenders and rollerskate over to your bestie’s house to show them off.

Or, you know. Turn them into hair clips. Dangle them from a backpack on a key ring. Or if give them out as a cool birthday gift, hand them out to BFFs on the last day of school (it’s coming!) or give them as a cool goody bag favor after a sleepover birthday party.

Though I personally like the rainbow suspenders and rollerskating idea.

Find the DIY Pin & Flair Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop. It comes with everything you need to make 18 pins including the shrink plastic designs, colored pencils and pin backs. Amazing gift for under $15.