As I wrote on Facebook, there was something so restorative this morning, watching the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It was all about love, inclusion, diversity, a brilliant 19-year-old cellist, a moving sermon from African-American Bishop Michael Curry, wacky hats, a 1932 diamond tiara, a gospell choir singing Stand by Me, awesome celebrities, nd one, truly, authentically happy couple.

Oh, and of course, tweets. Lots and lots of tweets that show that this was not your typical Royal wedding.

Best Royal wedding tweets: Serena Williams


Best royal wedding tweets: Guardian on Amal Clooney. That's a headline!



Best Royal wedding tweets: Denizcan James on the history of the Duke of Sussex



Best royal wedding tweets: Chicago Tribune


Best Royal wedding tweets: Dani Kwateng-Clark@DaniKwateng

The best Royal wedding tweets: Everywhereist



Best Royal wedding tweets: FrankieVtotheD


Best Royal wedding tweets: Terry McMillan


Best royal wedding tweets: Ebony Magazine


Congrats to the Royal couple! We lurve you — if you couldn’t already tell.