One of my favorite stops when I’m out of town is the Vans store, which seems kind of silly since I have one in my own town, but well, we all have our quirks, right! And while I’d seen the Marvel Vans online and thought they were cool (of course), I didn’t realize that the all-over black and white print featured all women characters. YAAAAAAS! Take my money, Vans!

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While I’m digging some of the other bright styles with hat tips to the Hulk and Spiderman, and the pretty slick Black Panther kicks, I’m fawning over the ones that feature all women. Is it sad that something like this is so rare? For me, the black and white is a fantastic neutral sneaker that I feel like I can pull off all year long, and as a 40-something, I kind of like how you have to look closely to see who they are.

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I will be perfectly honest: I just want everyone to go buy them up so they make more like this. For us! For our girls! For supportive partners and husbands! Whether you’re a huge Marvel fan or not, they’re pretty darn cool. Plus, hand your kids some washable markers and they’ve got a fun screen-free coloring activity while you’re out. Hit us up if you need more mom marketing help, Vans.

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