A quick trip to the mall and of course I find myself in the Vans store, at which point I might have squealed upon discovering these new mermaid Vans. How cool are they?!

They’re actually being billed as “snakeskin” but add the rose gold and well, I see mermaid tail. Don’t you? Plus, they were positioned very strategically on the shelf next to Vans with actual mermaids on them. So, there’s that.

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Hi-top Unicorn Vans

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Whatever they’re called, I have a few kids who would love to wear them, though they’re already sporting the unicorn Vans we featured awhile back (which PS they’ve added a few more styles — like above, and also in black! — that you really need to see).

And because I know you’re going to ask, I’m sorry to say they’re not available in adult sizes. We’ll all just have to vicariously live through our kids. Like everything else, right? Ha.

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