Kids come up with some of the most creative business ideas, and when they have the drive to actually launch their own lawn-mowing-for-seniors company, not-embarrassing-at-all-first-bras or nothing-but-organic lemonade stand? Truly inspirational.

If that’s the case with your own 7- to 14-year-old daughter (or niece or granddaughter or best friend’s kid), dad-run The Startup Squad wants to help her inspire other women CEOs-in-training…by making her the star of a novel.

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Stitches by Charlotte is a contestant in The Startup Squad: Be the Boss contest

The Startup Squad’s initiative is to encourage girls from all over to chase their entrepreneurial dreams from an early age. And part of that is their launch of a middle grade book series slated to debuts in May 2019.

While the books are fictional, the first book (conveniently titled The Startup Squad) will feature a real-life character who’s a real-life young CEO. And she’ll be winner of The Startup Squad’s Be the Boss contest.

Through August 31, girls can upload a one-minute video to explain their cool business ideas to The Startup Squad site. For an example, check out Charlotte from Stitches by Charlotte,  pictured here, as she describes her business that makes and delivers dolls to kids who are having surgery. Amazing!

But we bet lots of you have girls with amazing stories too.

The winner will be selected based on business potential, video production, and a public vote. And whether you win a place in the book or not, every participant will be featured on The Startup Squad’s website — important, because as every entrepreneur knows, one of the first steps to success is getting noticed in the first place.