It’s hard to believe that when we started this site, I was thinking about binkies for my daughter, and now it’s like I blinked — and I’m thinking about bras. Gah! While I wholly admit that the affordable Target made-up-brand-name bras are pretty great, especially for the price, nothing even come close to the Yellowberry bras I bought on Kristen’s recommendation, in terms of quality, durability, and comfort.

(Plus, those colors are so cute!)

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While developing tweens and teens don’t have the uh, bounce factor that we mamas have to worry about, summer still does bring some new challenges, like more activity and fewer layers.

For this reason, the company developed some clever hybrid sports bras for girls.

The idea is that they work perfectly as regular, everyday bras, but also offer a bit more coverage without resorting to padding (don’t get me started on padded bras for little girls), and the strap styles provide more support, should the girls have gym that day in school, or an after-school hip-hop class.

Psst…also so smart for summer camp where kids are active pretty much non-stop.

Sports bra options for girls who don't quite need full support: The Yellowberry Luna hybrid

They kindly sent the new Yellowberry Luna sports bra (shown here) to try out, and win! According to my resident household girls’ bra-tester, it’s “comfortable and looks cool.”

So there you go.

Another smart hybrid bra option for girls is the Yellowberry Tink bra; I haven’t tried it but it looks similar to another style we bought that I love. The front is like a traditional sports bra, while those Y-shaped straps (at very top) stay fairly hidden under those tiny tanks of summer. (Sigh.)

If you can’t tell, I’m not a big fan of bra straps hanging out of young girls’ shirts — I’m old skool like that. So while I love tan bras for underneath white summer tees, if the straps are going to peek out, I’d suggest going more colorful.

At least a bright purple or fun aqua makes the look feel more Flashdance than, well, flashing.

Find a terrific collection of hybrid sports bras for girls including the Yellowberry Tink bra, and the Yellowberry Luna bra on their site, as well as some more traditional sports bra styles.