As we start to get settled into our back-to-school routines — and that includes realizing what gear is missing from last year, what we’ve forgotten to pick up, and what our kids have already lost (gah!) it’s the perfect time to welcome back our sponsor Stuck On You.

You may know them as a source of super cute personalized labels (a LOT of labels) but they’ve grown to offer so many new personalized school supplies we love, including personalized bentos, lunch bags, library totes, colored pencils and even cool custom clothing stamps. And kids will adore getting to customize so much about their gear, from the design to the color scheme to the font for their name.

So I went through their site with my kids and ordered a few items, to share our favorite personalized school supplies with you.

Just know it’s a decidedly abbreviated list. Because if it were up to my kids, they’d have a different personalized lunch box for every day of the month.

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Personalized lunch box and bento set

Cool personalized school supplies: Unicorn lunch bag and bento set from Stuck on You (sponsor)

Cool personalized school supplies: Unicorn bento from Stuck on You (sponsor)

Cool personalized school supplies: This lunch bag and bento set from Stuck on You has compartments to help kids pack their own lunches (sponsor)

A new lunch box is a tradition for us each school year, and I am totally blown away by the new personalized bento lunch set value packs from Stuck on You. While they do have classic insulated lunch bagsĀ and personalized bentos available separately, the set is a sweet deal, including a wipe-clean snack bag attached (also great for ice packs), a sturdy bento that’s easy for kids to open and close, and inside, 6 compartments, each conveniently labeled to help kids pack a balanced lunch…themselves. Or at least get a head start on learning how. Win!

Personalized colored pencil set

Cool personalized colored pencil set for back to school

My daughter, who doesn’t leave home without art supplies, loooooves these personalized colored pencils. She says it’s her new favorite back-to-school gear of all, next to the personalized talk-bubble journal at top.

Oh, and who said that personalizing school items has to be done using your kid’s own name? Try Hermione, Loki, or Okoye, for starters.

(If you pick up on this name that my 13-year-old daughter wanted on her pencils — well, you can sit with us,)

Personalized library bag for kids

I find these little personalized library book bags so convenient — they’re lightweight and durable, making them so perfect for after-school activity stuff (anyone else have experience wrangling a collection of gymnastic leotards or peewee soccer uniforms?), a change of clothes for preschool, or just enough clothing for a sleepover with a friend.

Personalized notebooks

My picky teen daughter got one look at this and was all, I LOVE THIS. And that’s saying something. It’s actually categorized as an adult journalĀ but it’s the perfect size for kids, and there are tons of new design options they just introduced. Check out the cool monogram journal designs as well.

Cool Mom Picks readers save 20% + get free shipping on all orders at Stuck On You (excluding value packs). Just use promo code CMP2018 through 9/30/18

Personalized kids’ water bottles

Personalized water bottle for kids from Stuck on You (sponsor)

The cuteness of these personalized drink bottlesĀ for younger kids is beyond! If you have an older kid, you can also choose simple designs, like monograms or initials, for older kids. (And psst…these seem to be flying off the shelves. If the product is sold out, hold tight! It will be back.)

Personalized bookplate stickers

The array of cute labels that can be used to personalized your kids’ notebooks, composition books, even storybooks are so smart for making sure your kids’ special books actually make it back home — and also a clever way to get kids more excited about reading. I went with the designer shape labels (I love that horse!) and the more traditional personalized book name labelsĀ which come in designs from sophisticated to silly, like the cute “monsters in cars,” above.

Just be prepared to spend a long time picking them out with your kids. Because there are a lot of possible combos!

Personalized sketch books

These personalized large sketch books are big. Like…BIG. And there are tons of ways to personalize it, from very cool designs to color scheme to the font you choose, all to get kids excited about sketching up a manga OC — or designing the next major scientific breakthrough.

Personalized reward chart

We all know that school mornings can be insane, and as we’ve shared so many times through the years here, a personalized pack of reward charts for kids in a favorite design is one way to help manage the chaos. Use it to get kids to remember to pack their backpacks by themselves, remember to do homework, or to help little ones with potty training — you name it. The stickers allow kids to work their way to a reward at #10.

Maybe the reward is getting to keep the rest of the stickers? You get tons of them!

Personalized clothing stamp set

Personalized clothing stamp labels make back to school a little easier for all of us | stuck on you (sponsor)
Okay, so this one may be a bit more for parents than for the kids, but I really love this modern, sort of grungy typeface (it’s called Notch if you want to order it too) in the new personalized clothing name stamp pack so much! You can choose a cute icon too, but my daughter liked it with just her name.

You can order the name stamp individually, or as an entire set including a stamp pad, some iron-on labels, and even a personalized bag for holding it all. Because, organization!

Hey, at least we can start the school year best feet forward, right?


Cool Mom Picks readers save 20% + get free shipping on all orders at Stuck On You (excluding value packs).
Just use promo code CMP2018 through 9/30/18

Thanks to our sponsor Stuck on YouĀ for making so many cool personalized school supplies and labels that make back-to-school time a little more easy, a little more fun, and a little more organized.