There is so confusion about the difference between Latino and Hispanic, whether you can use the terms interchangeable, and whether they’re two different things. So with this week kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), it seems like a good time to help answer the question.

Because it’s a tough one — even for people who are Latino or Hispanic.

And no, they’re not the same thing.

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If you and you or your kids need a quick (and fun) explanation of the difference between Latino and Hispanic, allow us to direct you to the talented writer and comic artist Terry Blas. He’s Latino and Hispanic. And he’s created a brilliantly simple mini comic, You Say Latino on Vox to help explain.

Without shame or condescension, it’s a terrific primer based on his own life experience as a first-generation American, and the child of a Utah-born dad and a Mexican-born mother.

The fact that Terry confesses it was even confusing for him to understand the difference between Latino and Hispanic when growing up makes me feel a little better about my own past gaffes.

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What's the difference between Latino and Hispanic? Check out Terry Blas's genius mini comic which explains it beautifully

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Now that my kids — and I — have a much clearer understanding of the complexity of Hispanic and Latino heritage, I feel like we’re in better place to help celebrate the amazing cultures that comprise Hispanic History Month.

Sorry Brazilians — we’ll celebrate with you another time.


You can find You Say Latino:A Mini Comic by Terry Blas at Vox and find more of his work at or on Tumblr at