When my daughter came home from camp this summer, all she wanted to do was braid everyone’s hair. Except… none of us really have long enough hair to braid. That’s when I decided to search Amazon for a hair mannequin head so she could braid whenever she wanted.

Let me just say, it was the best $25 I’ve spent in a long time!

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After reading reviews, I landed on the MySweety Hair Mannequin Head, which features super long hair in fun, funky colors. But what I appreciate is that it comes with a table mount so you can clamp it on a TV table or desk easily. It also comes with a few hair accessories, though if you’ve got a tween girl, you’ve probably already got plenty of those around your home. (At least if it’s anything like mine!)

We’ve had this mannequin head for a few weeks now and the hair is still in great shape, even after a ton of braiding sessions. And, the best part, is my 9-year old has learned how to french and dutch braid, all on her own. Just take a look at her teaching the Cool Mom Picks Facebook community how to do a dutch braid!

If you have girls or boys who wants to style using a blow dryer or curling iron, they’ve got hairstyle practice mannequin heads made for those purposes too.

Edited to add on 12/7/18: We were alerted that this particular brand is sold out. We’ve found a couple of other similar practice mannequin heads that might work! This one looks cool as well.