Now that our kids are older, it’s easy to look back and ask ourselves why we spent so much time thinking about things that didn’t really matter that much in the long run. Oh to have all of that time back!

One thing we know parents spend a lot of time thinking about: feeding their babies. But thanks to our sponsor Square Baby, a new organic food company for infants that offers 100% daily nutrition delivered right to your door (whoa!), they make that whole process so much easier, so you can spend more time on the things you’ll actually remember when they’re bigger.

With that in mind, we’re sharing 10 things we spent waaaay too much time on when our kids were babies. Here’s hoping you learn from our own time sucks and make your new parentdom less stressful and more enjoyable. Because yes, babies can be fun! Promise.

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1. The birth plan. As we learned, babies have their own plans. Just ask Kristen who accidentally had her daughter Bridget in the house with the help of a fireman named Kelly. Hey, it made for a great birth story.

2. The nursery paint color. They never actually slept in there anyway. And when they finally did, we hated the color.

3. The crib bedding. See #2. If your kids are like ours, get a good swing, baby bouncer chair, and car seat with the money you spent on bedding.

4. Laundry detergent. Your own works just fine, which you’ll learn when you figure out washing everyone’s laundry at the same time is way easier.

5. Baby food. The making, the steaming, the mashing, the freezing. All of it. Too bad we didn’t have our sponsor Square Baby to make our new parenting lives easier.


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6. The grandparents’ names. Babies won’t call them anything for at least a year and a half. Unless you’re raising Einstein in which case, congrats!

7. The pediatrician. It was probably easier to get a job with the CIA! Our advice: just ask a couple of friends with kids for personal recos, make sure they have on-call hours, and call it a day.

8. To binky or not to binky. If you like sleep, it’s worth a try. Then when they’re older send them off to a friend’s baby because “she needs them” like Liz’s daughter Sage did to baby Bridget and that will be the end of that.

9. Baby shoes. Yes we know they’re cute, but all you’ll be doing is picking up those cute shoes off the ground. Constantly.

10. What other people will think of your parenting skills. Are you able to leave the house with a bra or socks on? You’re doing great. Most people are too busy worrying about their own kids to care about how you’re parenting yours.

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Thanks so much to our sponsor Square Baby for making healthy, tasty baby food that comes right to your door. Our new-parent selves thank you.