We know a white elephant gift exchange is not a competition, but let’s be honest here. We all know that deep down, everyone wants to give the gift that everyone else ends up fighting over. And that is what we predict will happen with this hilarious shower wine glass holder.

You know, in case you’re in the middle of drinking your morning glass of wine and you’re all “damn, I hate when I have to leave my glass on the counter to take a shower.”

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Well, not anymore. Thanks to this Sipski shower wine glass holder, which features a silicone backing that adheres to your shower wall. Note that it’s not recommended for glass containers, so I guess you’ll need to gift a plastic wine cup with this or make your recipient sign a waiver that you’re not responsible for any injuries associated with glass in a shower. Let alone drinking there in the first place.

And beer drinkers, don’t be jealous — they’ve got shower beer can holders too. You just need to include the 6-pack of Natty Light.

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