While there’s something to be said for sipping wine out of those big red keg cups in the summer, I admit I always feel a little fancy when my Albarino is an actual wine glass. Unfortunately, if you’re picnicking, glass isn’t going to cut it. So to speak.

The Wine Sippy Cup may have a name that conjures up activites that can trigger a visit from child services, but they are definitely not for children. It’s really just a spill-resistant plastic tumbler that looks like a wine glass inside. You can drink it without the lid, or keep it on if you’re worried about strong winds, hyper dogs or clumsy knees (like mine).

I tried one out and it is seriously a smartly designed product, and a really cool little hostess gift for summer.

Just make sure that wine is allowed at your park or grassy knoll of choice. Of course. Ahem.

Find the Wine Sippy Cup online at Give Simple.