When we first started this site, at the dawn of Etsy, I feel like we were sharing cute handmade baby blankets every other day. Well it’s been a while since I found a new one that caught my attention, until I discovered Elegant Infant Co. Mom-of-three Hope makes handmade blankets from charming fabrics with a focus on inspirational sayings and imagery, all backed by that super soft minky that my own babies loved.

I really like the more gender-neutral designs like the Little Explorer world map blanket and the Adventure Awaits blanket, which are especially nice for parents of boys who want an option besides trucks and footballs.

Adventure Awaits handmade baby blanket from Elegant Infant Co on Etsy

The floral elephant blanket is adorable (at very top), with a watercolor illustration that looks right out of a children’s picture book. There’s a similar elephant baby blanket backed by blue stars as well.

Handmade unicorn fabric minky baby blanket by Elegant Infant Co

But of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t call your attention to her unicorn baby blanket because, you know, unicorns. They’re not going anywhere. And A little more magic in the stroller during nap time can never hurt.

Visit Elegant Infant Co. on Etsy for handmade minky baby blankets and more. She gets amazing reviews! Plus you can like her Facebook page for 10% off new orders.