When our beauty contributor Ibi shared this rainbow bath bomb with me, well I just pretty well near bought 10 of them right then and there.

I have a daughter who is obsessed with bath bombs and I can’t even imagine what her reaction would be if I told her to place the pretty white cloud into the bath gently — and then it just started fizzing. And fizzing.

And then, like magic, a rainbow started shooting right out of that cloud and into the water.


This rainbow bath bomb is activated in warm water, wow! | Bella Grace Bath

Sure it’ll turns the water a lovely shade of brown when all is said and done but like, whatevs. By then you’ll have a clean kid who smells like sweet almond oil. Or hey — maybe you’ll use it yourself?

This wouldn’t just be a fabulous gift for kids, tweens and teens, but for any woman who needs more rainbows, self-care, and quiet bath time with the door locked behind her. I can safely say: that’s all of us, my friends.

Find the Rainbow Bath Bomb online at Bella Grace Bath. Customer reviews look promising!