I was always shy about raising my hand in class as a kid, which is why the new kids’ book Raise Your Hand instantly jumped out at me. Kid author Alice Paul Tapper wrote the book after creating a Girl Scout merit badge that encouraged girls to speak up at school and to recruit their friends to do the same.

Oh yeah, and she’s only 11.

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You might recognize Alice Paul Tapper from her inspiring op-ed in the New York Times, where she talks about deciding to do something about the reticence of her female classmates to speak up in class. Or you might know her dad, Jake Tapper of CNN. Or you might even notice that she’s named after Alice Paul, a famous suffragette and feminist leader.

Talk about good genes.

The book follows Alice’s journey creating the merit badge and is geared toward kids 4-8. Whether your child is a Girl Scout or not, I think this book could be a great way to bolster the confidence of a shy kid early on, so that when she’s in a college seminar or board room later down the road, she’ll be comfortable raising her voice.

Even if she has to interrupt a few mansplainers to do it, ahem.

Find Raise Your Hand at our affiliate Amazon or at your local indie bookshop starting today. Whoo!