I live in Brooklyn, land of Children Who Live in Native Shoes. (Sorry Crocs.) Whether you live among us or not, if you’re about to buy a pair of these fab, comfy, sneaker-water shoe hybrid shoes in time for summer, you have to check out their new collection of Hello Kitty Native Shoes.


There are so many really great colors and characters beyond Hello Kitty (that’s, “Hello” or “Miss Kitty” if you’re nasty) like My Melody, Keroppi, and the impish Badtz-Maru. Who I only just now figured out is a penguin.

I’m kind of in love with those black and white ones, though I would highly recommend sticking with a color. Because, kids. And summer. And shoes.

The new Hello Kitty Native Shoes for Kids

You can find the Hello Kitty Native Shoes in sizes from a Toddler 4 up to a Y3 (great for tweens with tiny feet like my kids have).

They’re available on the Native site directly, starting at $45, or $5-10 more than their original solid shoes. Or, if you prefer the overnight shipping and other perks, you can order a more limited selection of Hello Kitty Native shoes on Zappos.

Even cooler: Native has a Remix Project in partnership with Zappos for Good, in which they’ll collect your older, worn-out Native shoes, and let you ship them to Zappos free so they can be recycled into community playground materials for other kids. Suddenly that $45 seems a lot more reasonable.

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