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Parents are always looking for ways to encourage their young readers, but keeping up with which children’s books are the best for their kids can be a bit of a challenge. But now with Amazon Prime Book Box, you can get hand-picked children’s books delivered right to your door every 1, 2, or 3 months at an incredibly affordable price. It’s just that simple!

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Perfect for kids up through 12 years old (even babies!), each Prime Book Box contains 2 hardcover books or 4 board books to help kids (and their parents) discover new favorites that inspire a love of reading. The box features books customers love and that Amazon’s book editors couldn’t forget. The amazon book editors read thousands of books every year, and each title in your Prime book box is picked based on the age and interests of your lucky recipient. Horses? Sports? You decide. If you’d prefer alternates, you can customize each box before it ships by swapping books from a curated list of different titles.

And when you order Prime Book Box, you’ll save up to 40% off the list price. That’s almost half off! It’s available for U.S. Prime members at just $19.99 per box. Whether you’re wanting to support the love of reading in your own kids or someone else’s, you can give them the special gift of books that keeps on giving all year long. That’s something kids and parents will greatly appreciate.

Get books sent right to your door with Amazon Prime Book Box | sponsor

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This was a sponsored message for Amazon Prime Book Box