Before we agreed to partner with Johnson’s on this series, we did our own research about their growth and evolution in terms of ingredients, practice, and transparency. As parents ourselves, we are incredibly conscientious about the brands we work with and we felt good about what we learned.

We are firm believers in supporting brands who listen to customer feedback, respect new scientific data as it emerges, and show a genuine commitment to safety and transparency.

Therefore, we present the following sponsored message from Johnson’s®. 


Johnson’s Hair for Kids is a brand new, specialty hair care line designed for all different kids with all different hair. Each formulation is gentle enough to protect developing hair for kids 18 months and up, but strong enough for the performance you need — even for hard-to-manage hair.

And of course, all ingredient lists are totally transparent, and free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes with the No More Tears formula that parents trust.

Just identify the type of hair your child has, then choose the line that’s right for you.  Here’s how:

1. For active kids who want to keep hair fresh: Use Clean & Fresh Shampoo

Sponsor | How to pick right hair products for your kids: For active kids, try Johnson's clean and fresh shampoo

This line tames cowlicks and messy hair while providing long-lasting freshness for more active kids. It includes FreshBoost fragrance to keep hair clean and fresh all day. Just start with the shampoo, then follow up as needed with the on-the-go freshening spray.

2. For dry, weak, or more delicate hair: Use Ultra Hydration Shampoo

Johnson's New Hair Care for Kids: Ultra-Hydrating  |  How to pick the best formula for your child's hair (sponsor)

For hydrated, healthy looking hair, this shampoo, and the Ultra-Hydrating conditioner, lock in moisture and help with tangles, nourishing with proteins and pro vitamin B5.

3.  To smooth and detangle fine or dull hair: Use Shiny & Soft Shampoo

The science behind fragrance in Johnson's Baby products | Sponsor

Argan oil and silk proteins work to soften and detangle hair — you wash away the tangles with shampoo, then use the spray to boost natural shine and softness, creating thicker, fuller-looking hair.

4. For curly, frizzy, or harder to manage hair: Use Curl Defining Shampoo

Johnson's Curl-Defining shampoo + conditioner: Who it's for, and when to use (sponsor)

Control and soften frizzy, tangled curls creating moisturized define curls, thanks to shea butter in the Curl Defining formulation. Together, the shampoo and conditioner offer 24-hour wave and curl definition to keep hair naturally beautiful.

This has been a sponsored message from Johnson’s.