Last week, we shared the hilarious, if painfully relatable new mom complaint about snap-up baby pajamas, thanks to comedy writer (Jimmy Kimmel!), humorist (the New Yorker) and author of Nobody Will Tell You This But Me, Ā Bess Kalb.

Seriously, she’s one of my favorite Twitter follows and that’s saying something.

Of course, we should haven’t been surprised that we — and Bess — were inundated with baby pajama alternatives to snaps.

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MOM TRUTH: Buy zip-up baby pajamas instead. We found the perfect ones! | via Bess Kalb

New mom Bess BellĀ speaks for all of us.

Now our own go-to for the past several years has always been Magnetic Me (formerly Magnificent Baby), which lets you easily snap and unsnap your baby in the dark thanks to safe magnetics. We still love them, especially now that they offer so many adorable options in terms of clothing type, style, and very modern fabrics.

(Plus, a cool mom-run small biz is always a plus for us.)

And of course, as many parents insisted, sleep sacks are a great alternative for no-fuss diaper changes. But if you really want a classic footie baby pajama that zips, especially for older babies who might be crawling, we hear you new moms loud and clear…

The consensus: Cloud Island zip-up baby pajamas, available at Target, are the way to go.

New mom favorite: Cloud Island baby pjs zip instead of snap, and so affordable

New mom favorite baby gift: Cloud Island baby pjs zip instead of snap, and so affordable

They come in cute patterns, they’re super affordable at $12.99 for a pack of 3 footie PJs, and best of all, no snaps! But what’s better than a zipper for those late-night diaper changes? A zipper that zips from bottom to top. Whoo!

That means you’re getting access to the diaper with the absolute bare (ha) minimum of effort, and less chance of losing even one extra second of precious sleep.

Yep. That’s a win.

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