Since becoming pregnant with my first child, I’m trying to absorb all the advice, dos and don’ts of taking care of a baby before I have the baby. (Fortunately, working with all the moms at Cool Mom Picks is a huge help!) One of the things I didn’t actually know is that blankets and stuffed animals in the crib are a no-no, so I’ve been researching the cutest sleep sacks for babies and toddlers. I’m looking for something snuggly, safe, and also easy for parents to use, because sleepless nights require all things easy. (Am I right, BTDT parents?)

Thankfully, I’ve found some seriously adorable sleep sacks, with some impressive features to make sleep a whole lot easier on the entire family. Hopefully it’s not wrong to add every one of of these to my baby registry wishlist.

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We love the Australian ErgoPouch sleep sack for babies which comes in lots of cute fabrics and 4 different weights

ErgoPouch Sleep Sacks

I’m totally digging the designs of the 100% organic cotton ergoPouch sleep sacks (also at top) for babies and toddlers, which happen to be the perfect weight for the fall/winter season too. The ErgoPouch website offers a chart to help you figure out which level of warmth is right for your climate, so you can choose one of the four different weights they offer. Plus, I like that they’re stretchy on the sides so babies can move freely — hopefully without waking the parents. Just note — the company is not affiliated with ErgoBaby, makers of some of our favorite baby carriers. (sizes 2–12 months, 12–36 months)

Moulin Roti makes decidedly French sleep sacks for babies and toddlers. So adorable!

Moulin Roty Baby Sleep Sacks

I instantly fell in love with these sweet Baby Sleeping Sacks from Moulin Roty the first time I laid eyes on them. The French company is one of our favorites for kids’ toys and gifts, and we love their whimsical bags that have a decidedly Parisian sensibility coupled with solid construction. They’re pricier than the others I found, so they’re definitely a wishlist item for lots of us. (sizes 0–6 months, 6–36 months)


Love the Scandinavian inspired fabrics of Little Fishkopp sleep sacks for babies and toddlers

Little Fishkopp Sleep Sacks

I’m thrilled that this German brand is bringing their modern Scandinavian designs across the Atlantic for us to enjoy. Fans of graphic prints from the likes of Marimekko or Hanna Andersson will love the look of these 100% organic cotton Little Fishkopp Sleep Bags that come in lots of bold fabrics. Plus, their sleep sacks come in both lightweight and standard-weight so your baby can be as comfortable as they are funky. (sizes 0–6 months, 6–18 months, 18–36 months)


We tracked down the best sleep sacks for babies, including the Little Lotus sleep sack which donates one to a child in need with every purchase

Little Lotus Sleep Sacks

From the company we included among our favorite swaddle blankets for spring and summer, I love the look of this Little Lotus Sleeping Bag that boasts a special temperature-regulating fabric inspired by NASA spacesuits, which I think is pretty impressive. Definitely beats zipping and unzipping a sleep sack all night long. This sleep sack has received so many great reviews, and although it’s currently out of stock on the website, they are taking fall pre-orders. For each item you purchase, Little Lotus donates an Infant Embrace Warmer for a premature or underweight baby in the developing world who may not have access to an incubator. Amazing. (sizes 12–18 months)

Gunnapod baby sleep sack from Gunnamuna: A favorite
Gunapod Sleep Sacks

Our editor Kate tried this supersoft Gunapod from Gunamuna recently, and we’re all loving its thoughtful design. Like the fact that it unzips fully around the bottom of the sack for easy, middle-of-the-night diaper changes, while still keeping baby warm and snuggly. I also like the large arm holes for babies who are past the swaddling stage and don’t want to feel so confined. (four different sizes ranging from 0–36 months)

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Woolino sleep sack for babies and toddlers

Woolino Baby Sleep Sack

I had to include this Woolino Sleep Bag since it’s made for all four seasons, making the moderately high price tag worth it to me. It’s made of 100% merino wool, and I have to say I think merino wool is really pretty miraculous; I wear it on camping trips because it’s so good at regulating body temperature. I think this could be perfect if you have a drafty house (like mine) or just don’t want to bother with multiple sleep sacks of different weights for different seasons. Because, as I’m fast learning, new moms and dads have enough to worry about. (sizes 0–6 months, 6–18 months, 18–36 months; the company also makes an adjustable version of the sleep sack for a one size fits 2–24 months)