With all the school closures right now, we know so many of you are looking for the best homeschooling resources. (Like, a lot of you!) We hear you! So first, I suggest you read my post on a homeschooling mom’s tips for teaching your kids at home during school closures. It’s a great overview to get you started, and maybe even take off some of the anxiety you might be feeling.

(I can’t say it enough…you can do this!)

Once you’ve considered your big-picture approach to the upcoming weeks or months ahead, I wanted to put together a list of fantastic online resources you should bookmark. I know it’s a lot — don’t get overwhelmed. But you might scroll through and find a homeschooling resource that will be just what you’re looking for, or even spark an idea for an activity that will excite your kids. And you.

You have to enjoy this too, right?

I also suggest you check this Google doc  that’s been making the rounds among parents. It features more than 100 educational companies that are offering free resources to kids stuck at home right now — and a huge THANK YOU to all of them! (Just know it may be slow to load.)

Beyond that, here are some of my favorites.

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The very best homeschooling resources for kids of all ages

Outschool: A great way for kids to learn new skills, from home | Photo (c) Kate Etue for Cool Mom Tech
My son taking an Outschool class at home. © Kate Etue


The best homeschooling resources for reading and ELA

  • If you aren’t on full quarantine, visit your library (with a tub of Clorox wipes) and check out your max number of library books to read. With a lot of libraries closing, download the hoopla app and borrow books digitally.
  • An Epic! ebook subscription (at top) is like having a full library on your iPad for pre-K through elementary aged kids. Or if you’re looking for anything from books for older kids or yourself to sheet music, you can get a free 30-day trial subscription at Scribd right now.
  • we found 17 awesome reading apps for kids of all ages
  • and 12 more reading apps for kids of all ages
  • here are 10 great reading apps just for brand new readers, if your preschool is closed.
  • our favorite reading apps for older kids
  • 3 great free audiobook apps, so you can listen along while you read (or play)
  • You can make your own vocabulary study sheets and worksheets at Wordsmyth
  • Worksheet fans, visit the the EReading Worksheets website. You can search by grade, and each assignment includes the complete literary selection as well as questions, answers, and more.
  • If you’re looking for more structured analysis for older kids, the Glencoe Literature Library has free full study guides for many classic novels you might have sitting on your shelf already.
  • You can find printable study guides on nearly any subject at Teachers Pay Teachers, all written by teachers (with their credential listed). You can search by grade, topic, or a specific subject or book title. I’ve also found great resources for kids with special needs here.
  • For kids who love both geography and literature, I found this fun literature guide by state at Our Journey Westward. Could you challenge your most avid readers to read one book for every state?
  • If you need handwriting practice, you can print blank handwriting pages or load in your own text (I love using fun song lyrics or funny Tweets for older kids) for your kids to practice their penmanship.
  • Give your older kids a chance to learn writing from Judy Blume or Neil Gaiman online via MasterClass.
  • * Khan Academy & Pixar have a course on The Art of Storytelling that walks your kids through the process of creating their own story

The best homeschooling resources for math

The best homeschooling resources for history and social studies

The best homeschooling resources for science


We’ll continue adding to this list with an asterisk next to them as more resources pop up, and feel free to share your own in comments!