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These days, we’re all shopping online, and we’re all looking for great prices on anything we buy. That’s why Capital One Shopping is such a brilliant browser extension. It helps make online shopping easier and more affordable, even offering some benefits that other coupon extensions don’t.

That’s because it’s like a coupon finder and price comparison tool in one. So what are the benefits?

First: Automatic Savings.

Add the extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This way, Capital One Shopping automatically searches and tests cash-saving coupon codes across tens of thousands of websites, applying the very best one available at checkout. No more googling “discount code” or opening multiple tabs to manually search different promo code sites.

Just shop as you normally do — at high-end department stores, beauty sites like Lancome and Ulta, tech retailers, your favorite kids’ stores or clothing retailers, home stores, kitchen stores —  and save. Codes are even updated in real time, based on which codes are saving millions of other shoppers the most right now.

Second: Instant Better Price Alerts

Capital One Shopping offers you an up-to-the-minute price alert on Amazon, Target, Home Depot and Best Buy thanks to crowdsourcing from other shoppers. This means if you’re shopping for a particular item, a friendly little pop-up window will let you know that the same item is available elsewhere for less –before you check out.


Third: Earn Gift Cards

Capital One Shopping offers loyalty discounts at thousands of retailers including Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy’s, eBay and Staples. Redeem them for gift cards and…more free stuff!


There are other benefits too, like price drop alerts for items you have your eye on, and a trending deal page that you can search by store, product category, or popularity.

Add it today and let the savings begin.

Download the Capital One Shopping browser extension right now (it’s easy!) and get online savings with a lot less work. 


This has been a sponsored message from Capital One Shopping

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