If you’re like us, then you’ve probably seen a whole lot of weight-related pandemic memes and posts on social media. Whether it’s the kind of worn out “Gaining the COVID-19” joke to talking about “letting ourselves go,” ours pretty amazing how much weight and body image factor into our vernacular these days. That’s why I was so pleased to chat with body positivity expert, activist, and author Virgie Tovar, whose new book, The Self-Love Revolution: Radical Body Positivity for Girls of Color, is aimed at helping young women (and their parents) have these types of important conversations around self love and body image that we all really need to be having.

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The Self Love Revolution by Virgie Tovar

Here’s what we discussed during this episode 

– Whether or not the pandemic is escalating body issues in certain people (Hint: Yes), and how that’s happening.

– Why all the body-related memes and posts?

– What message about body image and self love does Virgie think we need to hear (and accept)?

Virgie Tovar talks body positivity with Cool Mom Picks

Virgie, in yellow and blue! 

– How Virgie’s new book came about, and how it can help with conversations we need to be having?

– How we deal with our own body image issues and try to help raise our tweens and teens to be body positive.

– How we can support self love and body positivity in our kids (including actionable tips you can use right now).

Plus, a whole lot more, including advice on a situation Kristen is dealing with in her own household.  

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Virgie: Lemon cake. Like everyone, Virgie is doing a lot of baking in quarantine!

Kristen: The new Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is awesome. And free.

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