This past weekend, during a (responsibly socially distant) walk around my neighborhood, I saw a little kid wearing an adorable animal face mask just like the ones I just discovered from Cubcoats. (In fact, it may have been from Cubcoats but I wasn’t close enough to tell, ha.)

I immediately told him how cool his mask is, because I think kids need all the encouragement they can to follow good health practices during these tough and decidedly strange times.

Hey, if wearing a mask that looks like an adorable kitty, puppy, tiger, or bear cub makes mask-wearing less scary and weird, it’s a brilliant idea. In fact, why not tell your kid that it makes every day like Halloween. I know my kids would be down with that, and they’re teens.

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Cubcoats kitty face mask for kids

Cubcoats pink kitty face mask for kids

Puppy face mask for kids from Cubcoats

They’re made by a company that makes those cute hoodies-with-ears that kids adore. And I really appreciate how well-made they look, taking into account kids’ smaller faces (we’ve been hacking my kids’ face masks with extra elastic ties).

Plus, there’s that bendy metal nose piece on top that experts are recommending for a better fit.

These face masks for kids make it feel less scary and more fun

It’s such a smart idea for younger kids fussing with their masks, or even tweens who will like the attention they get when they’re riding bikes or walking around with you.

Positive reinforcement! Positive reinforcement!

Find 2-packs of protective masks for kids that look like animals from Cubcoats. They’re recommended for children 5 and up, and 10% of profits support Covid-19 relief efforts.