This past week, Liz and I were chatting about some of the changes we’ve made since this pandemic started. We’re finding ourselves cooking more, taking more time for ourselves, and spending way less (waaaaay less) on Starbucks. So it got us thinking: what are some things we’re definitely going to keep doing when this pandemic is over. And what are some things we were doing, that we’re definitely going to ditch. It’s an episode about finding silver linings, and taking a step back to see some of the positives that have happened over the last few months, which is so important when things feel so incredibly heavy and difficult.

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Top image: Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Topics we discussed on this week’s Spawned

– Why we’re loving cooking so much. (It’s not because we love cooking – ha).

– Little things Kristen is doing to feel a sense of control, especially when things feel out of control.

– How this time has helped us focus on our self-care (and made us realize what was missing in our routines)

– Why we’re using the good dishes. And the fancy creams. Instead of saving it.

And a whole lot more.  

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Jessica Alba on Vogue Beauty Secrets | YouTube

Kristen: I’m obsessed with the Vogue Beauty Secrets videos on YouTube. Who knew celebrities doing their own make-up in their bathrooms would be so compelling?

Liz: I’m cracking up at Sarah Cooper on TikTok. Her lip sync videos have gone viral (and for good reason). PS: We’re on TikTok too. Make sure you’re following us!