Considering our own stress levels are pretty much through the roof right now, we know we’re probably not alone. Trying to juggle all the challenges we’re facing is no easy task, but even some of the smaller things, like just heading out the door, has become more complicated.

We have to say it was a bit cathartic for us to put together this video with our sponsor Relay, a brilliant smartphone alternative that is here to make your back to schooling (as we’re calling it) less stressful. We hope you get a little chuckle (or maybe more) from this video, which is not too far off from what’s been happening in our homes these days.

And, we hope you take advantage of the fantastic 20% off deal Relay has going right now at Target from 8/2 through 8/22. You’ll get their awesome smartphone alternative, which means kids can check in with you just like a cell phone, without all the distractions. And you can chat and keep track of them with the app on your phone, so they can enjoy their social distant play times, walks to school, or whatever they’re doing without you, more safely.

So while you’re grabbing school supplies at Target, swing over to the Tech section and grab a couple of Relays. These days, keeping in touch with our kids and keeping them safer is at the top of our back to schooling lists.