After reading author and psychologist¬†Dr. Lisa Damour‘s NY Times article,¬†The 2020 Back to School List for Teens’ Emotional Well-Being¬†we just knew we had to talk to her about it. Her premise: kids need some emotional “supplies” that have nothing to do with backpacks and laptops, and as parents, we can help.

If you know Lisa’s best-selling parenting books, Under Pressure (our first Cool Mom Picks virtual book club selection, by the way), and Untangled,¬† then you know how much¬†common sense, insight, and reassuring advice she brings to parents raising adolescents and teens.

Especially right now, when all of us have so many additional anxieties around school.


Untangled author and psychologist Lisa Damour on how we can support our kids emotional well-being this school year | Spawned Parenting Podcast

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