We’re so excited to be kicking off our Cool Mom Picks Book Club with our very first title: Under Pressure: Confronting  the Epidemic of  Stress and Anxiety in Girls, the newest book from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Damour. (Available from our affiliate Amazon or your local indie book seller.) Like many of you, her book Untangled resonated with us, so we’re thrilled to dive into her newest release that’s receiving praise from parents and parenting experts alike.

And we’re so happy to bring the Cool Mom Picks Book Club to you with the support of our awesome sponsor, The Wines of Vinho Verde. Could there be a more perfect match? These versatile reds, whites, and rosés from Portugal go with whatever you’re eating, and whatever you’re reading. (Though we’ve got some paring ideas below, should you be book-clubbing with friends.)

If you missed our Facebook Live about this book, you can watch it here! Kristen shares some of the most interesting and applicable parts of the book. 

P.S.  No pressure — even if you don’t finish the book, get through only a few chapters or are just interested in learning more, you can still join us. We’re busy too, we get it!

For more info on How to join the Cool Mom Picks Book Club (it’s easy!) check out this post.

Discussion Questions for Under Pressure by Lisa Damour

Under Pressure by Lisa Damour: A Cool Mom Picks Book Club selection | Read more at mompicksprod.wpengine.com for a discussion guide, and info on how to join our book club for parents!
Whether you’re reading Under Pressure along with us, or want to host your own book club, we hope these questions help guide your reading and support making practical applications to your own parenting. We’ll also use these questions to guide our chat together.

1. How do stress and anxiety manifest in your daughter’s life right now?

2. What methods or strategies are you currently using to help her?

3. There is such a thing as healthy stress. Which healthy stress and anxiety examples in your own life can you tap into to help support your daughter?

4. How do you deal with your own stress and anxiety?

5. Take stock of your daughter’s social life, including girlfriends, boyfriends, and social media. How does she handle challenges in her relationships IRL? How about through technology? What strategies is she learning to help her navigate these challenges?

6. School can be a huge stressor and source of anxiety for teen girls. What’s your daughter’s approach to school work, grades, and her future?

7. What conversations are you having with your daughter about being a woman in 2019? How are you talking to her about issues like race, culture, privilege, and sexuality?

We also discovered that Lisa Damour created a valuable printable discussion guide for Under Pressure, which you can find on her website.

Vinho Verde Alvarinho Wine Pairing Ideas

What to pair with an Alvarino from the Portuguese Vinho Verde region: Light seafood like this shrimp ceviche works perfectly to complement the fresh, dry citrus of the wine (sponsor)

Alvarinho and fresh shrimp ceviche, yum!

We love Alvarinho! Or, as you may know it, Albariño.

The Adega Ponte de Barca Alvarinho Reserva (seen here) is green, fruity and fresh, refreshingly citric, with a dryness that makes it easy to drink alone or with food.

The wine is made from 100% Alvarinho grapes, all raised in sunny vineyards that combine the green landscape and the solidity of granite soil with the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean breeze. (And yes, we want to be there right now.)

While we know that many wines pair perfectly fine with many foods, wine is often best matched with foods from its own region — in this case, the Minho Valley in the Vinho Verde region of northern Portugal. If you’re serving some book club munchies, our sommelier friends suggest pairing with:

-Sushi or sashimi
-A fresh, homemade ceviche (like the one Kristen made, above, which is so easy!)
-Light seafood dishes like crab cake bites, mini fish tacos or shrimp skewers
-A tray of cheeses that are light and creamy, like goat cheeses, burrata or even a brie
-Veggie platters and crudité — consider tossing in some orange or grapefruit to complement the citrus in the Alvarinho
-Oysters, if you’re fancy


Be sure to join us for our next book in the series, Radical Kindness. Liz will be hosting a Facebook Live on Tuesday, June 4, to chat about the book. 

Vinho Verde: Versatile wines from Northern Portugal that pair well with all kinds of foods (sponsor)

Thanks so much to our wonderful book club sponsor, the Wines of Vinho Verde, for their support!