After rounding up 11 of our favorite new Advent calendars for kids and the best food Advent calendars of 2020 (seriously, amazing finds there so be sure to look!), I found just one more gorgeous keepsake Advent calendar. And I love it so much, it deserves its own post.

Created by Lisa Leonard, a jewelry artist we’ve featured since 2008, Lisa Leonard’s Our Christmas Tradition Advent Calendar will make counting down to the big day special for many, many years.

Just hang all 24 ornament-filled muslin pouches from metal pegs on the over two-foot wooden Christmas tree which is topped with a hand-stamped “Christmas is Coming!” star. Then starting on December 1st, you and the kids can open one of the numbered pouches to reveal a remarkably detailed, miniature, holiday-themed pewter ornament.

Please note that this is definitely a faith-based Christmas Advent Calendar, with charms like a tiny church, wee angel, and bitty nativity scene, along with the more secular representations like a little nutcracker, a stocking, and a snowflake.


Beautifully crafted pewter ornaments to hang on Lisa Leonard's Advent calendar tree

Keepsake ornament Christmas Advent Calendar by Lisa Leonard: How lovely!

I don’t think this kind of Advent Calendar will ever get old; I imagine a child three years from now excitedly saying, “Look mom! It’s my favorite snowman!” as they open day 10.

Though don’t be surprised if Frosty ends up clutched in a little fist for a while before he makes his way back to the tree.

Lisa Leonard’s Our Christmas Tradition Advent Calendar is currently 30% off with free shipping during their “Bigger Than Black Friday” sale.