This past year, on a special episode of A Very Pandemic Christmas, I realized it had been a while since I had any decent pajamas. So I asked Santa for a very specific pair of soft, cozy, but still cute pajamas. Hey, I have to differentiate between my sleeping clothes and my uh, comfy “work” clothes right?

Lucky me, Santa (AKA my incredibly wonderful partner) bought me those very same soft, cozy, cute pajamas from Nordstrom that were on my list —  black with white piping, just like I asked for. And lo! For they were even more soft, more cozy, more indulgent, and more perfectly perfect than I ever imagined. They drape in the right places, they don’t cling, they flatter for something that’s just soooo comfy, and they feel like buttah.

Then last night, while watching the Golden Globes, what to my wondering eyes should appear? MY PAJAMAS! ON A CELEBRITY!

Well, close to my pajamas.

The BEST pajamas ever: Where to get them quick while they're on sale!So close, right??

I definitely wasn’t the only one to ooh and ahh over Golden Globe winning supporting actress Jodie Foster and her wife, actress/photographer Alexandra Hedison, lounging glamorously in pjs from home, or what was accurately dubbed by Andi Zeisler as a breathtaking power move. Jodie (or you know, “Jodes,” to me) looked pretty fab in a jaunty pattern with a little shine to it, but it was Alexandra who spoke to me. At least in the language of stylish sleepwear.

To be clear, Alexandra’s pajamas aren’t exactly the same as mine — but I can’t imagine they’re much better. I mean, mine hang perfectly, they don’t cling, they’re flattering, and did I mention how soft they are? Plus I am guessing mine are more affordable, especially now that Nordstrom has several colors on sale. So I would highly suggest you run and grab some now, before they sell out.

In fact, I adore them so much that I just may just go out and get a few more in some new colors. It won’t even be a power move. Just a comfort one.

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