It’s a year into this pandemic (like pretty much officially now), and if you’re like us, you’re longing for connection with people. Well, people not in your home. We want to do something with other people! And that’s no surprise. We’re humans after all and we thrive off of shared experiences. But lately (and by lately I mean like the last 364 days), that hasn’t been happening much. Until now.

Because we’re all (yes you, and us!) going to do something together and IT IS GOING TO BE FUN. All caps required.

Meet The We Time Project, a new initiative we’re launching on behalf of our sponsor The Great Courses Plus, who’s got over 13,000 + shared experiences (aka amazing online courses) waiting for us, but right now, one in particular that we’re excited to take with you: How to grow anything: Food gardening for everyone

Join our The Great Courses Plus Food Gardening Course | The We Time Project | sponsored

If you hadn’t heard, gardening is the new baking, and Liz and I are both anxious and excited to give it a try. We’ve both wanted to do this FOREVER and well, we are finally doing it. (Thank you, The Great Courses Plus. And the pandemic. Wait that sounds weird but hey… gratitude!).

And well, we really want you to join us too. Whether you’re in a city apartment like Liz and need to keep things pretty lowkey, or you live in the ‘burbs like Kristen and have a yard, this super fun and informative course will get you started with what you need for your own food garden. And if you’re like, I’m not the gardening type… um, have you met us? We’re hoping that this ignites whatever has been laying dormant within us and best of all, gives us something we can enjoy outside during these next few months when we’re all ready to throw in the towel.

Join our We Time Project online course | Food Gardening with The Great Courses Plus (sponsor)

Here’s how The We Time Project works. It’s so easy! Promise.

1. Sign up for The Great Courses Plus. It’s totally free for a month, which means you’ll get this course and whatever else you want to enjoy, however many times you want to enjoy it, for free. Of course, if you sign up for a year right now, you get a fantastic discount, plus unlimited streaming of their over 13,000 + videos for an entire year. So you can host your own We Time Project, or watch and learn with your kids, your spouse, you get the idea.

2. Watch the How to grow anything: Food gardening for everyone videos over the next week. We don’t care how many. Watch one. Watch them all, you overachiever. You do you.

3. Then, join us for a Facebook Live to chat about the course. What are you going to grow? What will you never grow ever? What cute gardening gloves did you get? (We are here for the swag, let’s be honest). We want to chat with you on March 15, 9pm ET about that you learned! Seriously, what else are you doing on a Monday night?

That’s it! Our hope is that you’ll not just learn about food gardening, but you’ll get a respite from the craziness in connecting with other moms (and parents – dads are welcome too) about something that is not pandemic or school or what’s for dinner or work related AT ALL. (Unless you are a gardener in which case, just join us and show off).

What’s cool about The Great Courses Plus, other than the fact that they were like “Yes, let’s support this awesome idea of bringing people together over something that they’ll also find useful or interesting or life-changing!” is that they’ve been doing this since 1990, which means they know what people want to see, and they’ve got the most amazing professors and experts to teach their courses.

So, head over to our sponsor The Great Courses Plus to start your free month trial, then make sure to join us for our Facebook Live on 3/15 to chat about the How to Grow Anything: Food Gardening course! And lucky you, with your free month trial, you can take a bunch of other courses too! 

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