By now, you know that we’re pretty big book fans here at Cool Mom Picks, so we always jump at the chance to talk about them, and to their authors. This time, we’re so thrilled to chat with an author of books for older kids like ours, and ones that have such an amazing message our kids need to hear.

On this episode of Spawned, we chat with Helena Dahlgren, author of the Soul Riders book trilogy from our sponsor Star Stable Entertainment, who also happens to be the mom of twin 12-year old girls (who she says are her test readers!). She had so many interesting thoughts about representation in books, and why it’s so important. She also shares how books changed her life, and how they can be life changing for so many kids as well.

We won’t give away the whole interview, though! You’ve got to listen – which you can do right now – but please be sure you’re subscribed on Apple Podcasts so you never miss an episode.

Helena Dahlgren photo credit: Stefan Tell

Helena Dahlgren on how books can empower kids | Spawned Episode 235


A little more about our sponsor

Soul Riders: Darkness Falling - The newest installment from Star Stable | sponsored

We are so thrilled to welcome back Star Stable Entertainment as the sponsor of Spawned. Kristen’s daughter Bridget has been obsessed with their game for years, but now, she’s added their Soul Riders book trilogy to her obsession as well (and let’s be honest: Kristen is not complaining at that). Written by our guest, Helena Dahlgren, the book series is all about inspiring and empowering young women and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the message.

Star Stable is also hosting a series of writing masterclasses on their YouTube channel, hosted by Helena, along with a storytelling competition, which is so cool, and open to any young teen storyteller! You can head over to their Instagram page for more information, but hurry! It ends April 30!

You can purchase Soul Riders: Darkness Rising, the final book in the Soul Riders book trilogy, along with the other two books, at


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