We love seeing kids who are thriving and living their passions, which is exactly how we’d describe 10-year old Camilla “Pepper” Persley, a podcaster and journalist who specializes in professional sports (especially women’s basketball). You might have seen her recent profile in Sports Illustrated, as well as CBS NY, The New York Post… let’s just say the list of her accolades goes on and on.

So how cool that we get to chat with her, along with her father and “executive producer” (as she fondly calls him) Christopher Persley, on this very special Father’s Day episode. We chat about parenting our kids towards their passions, and how we can support them on that journey (Pepper has lots to say about that). Trust us when we say: this is a delightful interview that will leave you smiling, a little teary, and very inspired.

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Pepper Persley: 10-year old journalist and podcaster

How cool is this? Pepper called a Clippers game! 

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Cool Picks of the Week

Pippa Park Raises Her Game: A great book for kids!

Christopher: Launchpad Short Films on Disney+. These are awesome! Also, shout out to TheNext.com!

Pepper: Pippa Park Raises Her Game, a fantastic book + Pepper has three total picks! Make sure to listen to hear them all!

Liz: Board shorts for teen girls. Because girls like board shorts too! (And oof, they are hard to find)

Kristen: You need this iPhone trick. Seriously. So smart!

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