Well, if Spawned with Kristen and Liz¬†haaaaas to be beaten by someone in the Kids + Family podcast category, we’re happy it’s the new NPR podcast Wow in the World, a weekly science show¬†“for kids and their grownups.” Especially because it’s hosted by two of our favorite people, Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, who we’re excited to get to chat with this week!

Join us for a lively, informative, and sometimes hilarious chat about how to get your kids excited about science, why science has gone from geeky to cool, how to answer the crazy questions kids always ask, whether or not our children should be listening to the news right now, why and why your kids may soon be asking about the velocity and viscosity of mammal poop.

Plus, Guy describes¬†his obsession with fresh turmeric, and we’re convinced.

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Links and Resources from Episode 76

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Cool Picks of the Week

How to cut avocados safely: Avoiding the dreaded

GuyFresh turmeric has a ton of uses which he describes in delicious detail; and he also recommends a recipe for making fresh homemade hemp seed milk as a non-dairy alternative.

Mindy -The NPR One app for helps you find shows like her favorites, Lost Culturistas, Two Dope Queens, and Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Liz –¬†The Apple iPhone 6/6S¬†Smart Battery Charging Case¬†was one of our past “top tech gadgets of the year” and remains a favorite.

Kristen –¬†How to properly cut an avocado to avoid the dreaded “avocado hand” epidemic¬†— which, yes, is a thing.

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Photos: Teddy Kelly (top) and Brenda Godinez (bottom) via Unsplash