We’ve heard the buzz about having a Hot Girl Summer, and we’re totally on board for living your best life this summer (and well, all the time). But as moms, we can’t just toss a bathing suit on, pack a cooler, and head to the beach on our very own. Because there are kids and sunscreen and pool toys and chin hairs (yay 40!) … you get the idea.

But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a Hot Mom Summer, which is exactly what Kristen does in this hilarious new video!

And while Hot Girl Summer and a Hot Mom Summer may seem vastly different, there’s one thing they definitely have in common: an essential beach read. Or, in the case of our awesome sponsor Entangled Publishing, three essential beach reads (that PS are great all year long, not just in July and August).

3 awesome beach reads from Entangled Publishing | Sponsored

So, whether you’re headed off to the pool all alone or hiding in your bedroom for a few precious minutes, you’ll definitely want to add It’s Raining Men, Forever Starts Now, and A Lot Like Love to your pool bag, or nightstand.