This school year, I’m not spending a lot of money on rain jackets for kids. Who’s with me? I don’t know what it is about rain jackets specifically, but my kids misplace them with abandon. Soccer practice, play dates, the Y…you name it, one of my kids’ jackets is there somewhere.

(No, actually, please name it, because I can’t think where else they might be.)

As a solution, this fall I’ve been looking for affordable rain jackets for kids under $30 that do the job well, but won’t become a major crisis if they get lost. Or if my kids continue outgrowing them every time I blink.

Slow down, kids!

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Affordable rain jackets for little kids: This rain jacket has that cool Tommy Hilfiger vibe without the price tag

If there’s rain on your forecast already, head over to Amazon where you can snag this Hiheart rain jacket for kids that feels very Tommy Hilfiger inspired, without the designer price tag. ($30)

Affordable rain jackets for little kids: Monster rain jacket up to size 7, with other fun patterns

Target’s Cat & Jack is a go-to label in our household, thanks to its cuteness and affordability. I think my four-year-old would flip for this monster rain jacket for kids in sizes up to 6x-7. ($19)


Carter's Rainslicker jacket for kids in a Dino print is a favorite under $30 that we've found

Is it just me or are dinosaurs one of those timeless kids’ motifs? I love this Carter’s Rainslicker rain jacket for kids for any aspiring paleontologist — or Jurassic Park XXXII screenwriter ($30)


Love this Transparent rain jacket from Old Navy for girls! Grab one if your size is still available

Add this transparent rain jacket from Old Navy to any outfit, and your kid will have an instant lewk. And protection from the rain, obvs. There are limited sizes available right now, so hurry if you like this one or see if your local Old Navy has one in stock. ( $25)

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Affordable rain jackets for little kids: This stylish Unicorn jacket is really a windbreaker, but perfect if you live in a climate without a lot of heavy rain

If you live somewhere that it drizzles more often than it pours, your kid can probably get away with a cute windbreaker that’s water-resistant instead of a full-on waterproof rain jacket.  And lucky them! Because this unicorn windbreaker for kids at H&M is so chic ($25)

Affordable rain jackets for little kids: Love this Columbia rain jacket in lots of cool colors, all on sale for $29 right now

Columbia is a tried and true outerwear brand, so I was pleasantly surprised to find one of their raincoats for under $30 at Dick’s, whoo! This Columbia Kids rrain jacket comes in an array of classic colors ($29))


Affordable rain jackets for little kids: We found this cute style for under $30 and so many fun patterns to choose from

Yay for more affordable options conveniently spotted through Amazon Prime! This rain jacket for kids comes in so many cute patterns; I want them all. Or at least two — one for each kid. And at this price, we can afford that. ($28)