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You may not be familiar with FunkAway but when you learn what it does, you’ll be singing its praises.

Funkaway is an extreme odor eliminator, beloved by users across the US, from parents to actual Ninja Warriors. Unlike air fresheners, which mask smells, FunkAway’s exclusive OM Complex formula actually breaks down the molecules in offensive odors and eliminates them right at their source.

That means it works on gym bags, pet beds, teen sneakers, athletic equipment, kids’ car seats, musty rooms — even lingering smells from cooking or smoke that permeates your clothes.

That makes it a smart purchase in time for holiday road trips or entertaining visitors.

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FunkAway has a variety of products to help you with whatever you need to freshen up:

FunkAway shoe spray helps save smelly shoes that you can't always toss in the wash (sponsor)

FunkAway Pump Spray is perfect for smelly shoes, laundry hampers, or to keep in the car. Especially if you’re traveling with pets.

FunkAway Big Jobs Spray is made for the stuff you can’t put in the wash — smelly coats, sports gear like helmets or football pads, plus Big Jobs can work on a smelly garage or in a musty old attic.

FunkAway Odor Eliminating Beads soak up smells and remove them from the air, as opposed to air fresheners that cover up odors and just add more scents into the room. Very handy for bathrooms!

FunkAway has a laundry booster to eliminate lingering odors that your detergent can't handle (sponsor)

The FunkAway Max Strength Laundry Detergent Booster not only fights stains, it works on those trapped-in odors that linger even after being washed with regular detergent. Far better than just covering them up with another scent.

If you have kids, pets, gym rats or athletes, you know how much it stinks to deal with the gross stuff. How nice to bring everything back — especially that teenager’s room — by just placing the odor eliminating beads in a room so you can set it and forget it.

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