In the course of our parenting lives, we make a whole lot of decisions, so when I read Emily Oster’s most recent book The Family Firm, which offers a very smart, data-driven method to decision making, I really wanted to chat with her on our Spawned podcast.

But then I caught wind of a few articles discussing her pandemic-centered research that were a bit controversial. I mean, you can’t not discuss an article that’s titled How Emily Oster Became One of the Most Respected—and Reviled—Voices in the Pandemic not to mention her recent piece We Need to Admit Masking Kids at School Has Some Downsides. 

So, on this episode, we chat about these pieces and perhaps what have been some pandemic fails (which may raise some eyebrows), as well as her approach to decision making and data in parenting, based on her newest book, The Family Firm

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A conversation with Emily Oster, author of The Family Firm on Spawned podcast


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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Homemade Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pie by Cleobuttera

Image from Cleobuttera (her recipe is the best!)

Emily: The Paprika app, which we’ve featured on Cool Mom Eats.

Kristen: That DIY Reese’s peanut butter cup pie. Move over, pumpkin pie!

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