This is a sponsored post on behalf of MEL Science.

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift that will get your kids excited about science in a fun and engaging way, while also giving you a great activity to do together each month, MEL Science makes a great holiday gift that will last the whole year.

MEL Science knows that from a very young age, kids are full of curiosity and making discoveries about the world around them. After all, the word they ask more than any other is “why?”

These important concepts, like exploration, experimentation, discovery, and asking questions, all of which come naturally to children, are key qualities found in scientists too! And it’s this passion and excitement evident in kids that MEL Science’s monthly subscription kits are made to build and grown upon so that kids become adults with a curiosity about the world around them.

But unfortunately, too often, kids start off excited about science but then begin to believe it’s a boring school subject that they don’t understand or, worse, believe they aren’t that good at. What MEL Science does is help bring what is sometimes presented as the lofty subject of science down to an accessible level for kids through hands-on experiments and dynamic online classes using cutting edge technologies like Virtual Reality.

MEL Science subscription boxes for kids just might make them love science | sponsor

MEL Science kits are designed by professional scientists who also happen to be parents who know how to make a child light up from learning. Starting with their Chemistry course, each month kids will receive a new box filled with everything you need to complete 2-3 experiments with cool names like “sugar snake”, “fire foam”, and “tin hedgehog”. This isn’t your typical baking soda volcano stuff.

You’ll even receive a VR headset with your first delivery, as MEL Science uses both VR and AR technologies. Kids will go deeper into a subject in an engaging way with free online lessons with professional science teachers and a mobile app to guide you through instructions and provide other visual aids. Kits also include safety equipment to protect precious eyes and hands, and every kit complies with both US and European safety standards.

Stay with monthly deliveries of their Chemistry kits or feel free to switch to their Physics or STEM course at any time if you want to switch things up. And for one month, you can receive 50% discount off the first month of any subscription with the promo code COOLMOM50. Order before Thursday, December 16th, and you’ll receive your first box by Christmas!

This has been a sponsored post for MEL Science.