I instantly knew this super clever Wordle t-shirt from the funny folks at RAYGUN was going to be a hit with so many people I know. I mean, anyone else wake up to a flurry of Wordle scores from their friends slash competitors every morning on Twitter? Yes? Me too. So I was tickled to discover this perfect gift for all you fellow Wordle fans.

And of course I adore that the Wordle t-shirt is a little ridddle in itself, one that fellow players will instantly recognize and decode.

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Love this Wordle t-shirt from RAYGUN.


For those of you not yet aware, Wordle became an overnight phenomenon after software developer Josh Wardle created the game for his puzzle-loving partner. Since then, the free word game (but just one at a time each day) gained hundreds of thousands of daily participants, followed by a slew of knock-offs, from Worldle to Absurdle to Quordle (when one isn’t enough), to  Taylordle (for Swifties), to Lewdle, which yes, it’s just what you think it is.

Figuring out the daily puzzle has been a fun way to get my brain going in the morning — along with copious cups coffee of course. And I’m so amazed at how everyone on social media seems to honor the social contract to not give away the answer before the end of the day when it resets so that every player has a chance to crack it themselves.

I think that wearing this Wordle shirt — which gives back to outstanding charities like all purchases at RAYGUN, by the way — lets Wordlers connect over the game in real-life as much as they do online.

Just no spoilers, please.

Find the Wordle Nation shirt at the RAYGUN webshop.

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The official Wordle party game is so cool, it’s perfect for teens, guys who are hard to shop for, or word nerds of all kinds. Find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Target. Unlike the actual game, it does come with dry-erase markers. But that doesn’t mean you should cheat.

Wordle board game: Amazing gift for teens or word nerds!

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