In our 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide, we’re excited to share a fantastic selection of our favorite Father’s Day gifts under $20. Because we know that you don’t have to spend a ton to get some amazing Father’s Day gifts.

We’ve truly scoured the corners of the web to find the coolest gifts for all kinds of dads at prices to fit any budget. But we’ve also worked hard to make sure everything in our gift guide is high value — after all the dads and grandpas in our lives deserve something cool, in addition to a handwritten card from the kids, of course.

We hope you’ll find a Father’s Day gift here that’s useful, stylish, and ready for lots of awwwwwwww-ing.

– This post has been updated for 2023 – 

25 amazing gifts for dads all under $20 | 2023 Father's Day Gift Guide Cool Mom PicksThe best gifts for dads under $20: Our favorites for Father’s Day 2023

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Fill-in-the-blank keepsake bookDad, I Wrote a Book About You ($13.29, Amazon)
You fill in the prompts, he has a keepsake forever.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Awesome like my daughters t-shirt“Awesome Like My Daughter” t-shirt ($18.95, Gorilla Rex)
As daughters ourselves, we may be a little biased here, but what a great message.

Useful Father's Day gift under $20: NCAA mug of his favorite team.Black ceramic mug with his favorite NCAA team ($14.99, Target)
Probably the coolest team mugs we’ve ever seen.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: vintage looking 80s VHS journal80s nostalgia VHS journal by Denik ($15.99, The Revival)
For plotting, journaling, or just making a list of all the 80s bands he thinks you should know.

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Cast iron grill press at Sur La Table.Cast iron grill press ($8.99 on sale, Sur la Table)
Of course a grilling gift for Father’s Day! If he’s already got all the tools he needs, this is a pro way to get those burgers leaner, that bacon flatter, and those paninis perfect.

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Great Father's Day gifts under $20: Leather AirPod case from Verona LeatherPersonalized leather AirPods case ($13.99-$18.19, Verona Leather)
With or without personalization, it may keep the kids from swiping his AirPods.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Custom baseballCustom Printed Baseball ($15.99, Game Ball Workshop)
A great little desk object for a Father’s Day gift. Just don’t mistake it for one you actually play with.

Sweet Father's Day gift under $20: I Love Us book about families.I Love Us: A Book About Family ($8.99, Amazon)
Perfect gift from the kids. The fill-in-the blank family tree makes it a keepsake as well as a bedtime story.

Unique personal gifts for Father's Day under $20: Hand-stamped ice cream spoonDad’s personalized ice cream spoon ($17.99, Trend Benders Artistry)
Tuck away a couple pints of his favorite flavors in the freezer to go with this teaspoon — or tablespoon!

1Up Card Vintage Video Cartridge Cleaning Set: Father's Day gifts under $201Up Card Video Game Cartridge Cleaning Set ($14.99, Amazon)
Does he still have his Gameboy? Help him restore old school games for Nintendo, Super NES, N64, and more.

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Cool Father's Day Gifts under $20: Lyre's no-alcohol spiritsLyre’s Italian Orange non-alcohol spirits ($16.99, Amazon)
For when he wants a cocktail with all the flavor but none of the booze..

Father's Day gifts under $20: Skip to My Lou's free printable coupon book.Printable Father’s Day coupon book (free, Skip to My Lou)
Fill a coupon book with a dozen or more IOU gifts to dad from the kids–he will really love this!

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Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Sandalwood beard pick from Evan Alex GroomingHandcrafted wooden beard pick in sandalwood ($12.97, Evan Alexander Fine Grooming)
Also featured in our list of Cool but Practical Father’s Day Gifts, it’s perfect for keeping his beard looking fire.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Hashtag goals personalized notepadHashtag Goals personalized notepad ($7.50, Shutterfly)
You may say he’s a dreamer.

Useful Father's Day gifts under $20: Dopp kit from Carhartt.

Carhartt toiletry kit ($19.99 in black or brown, Amazon)
It’s wonderful on its own, or fill it with a favorite product or two that he loves.

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Sophisticated Father's Day gift under $20: set of four rocks glasses from Crate & BarrelHatch rocks glass (set of 4 for $19.90, Crate & Barrel)
Has he been meaning to replace the mismatched set? Cheers!

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Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Pride socksPride Dress Socks ($11.95, Gent Supply Co)
If you’re Father’s Day shopping for two dads, you’ll need two pairs. (Not just two socks!)

Useful Father's Day gifts under $20: Kitchen apron from Crate and BarrelKitchen apron with pockets ($14.99 on clearance, Crate & Barrel)
For grilling burgers, chopping veggies, rolling sushi, or making Sunday morning French Toast. Just not on Father’s Day Sunday!

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Sneaker Cleaning Kit by Jason MarkkJason Markk Sneaker Cleaning Kit ($18, Nordstrom)
It’s gotta be the shoes. (He’ll remember that reference.)

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Hustle Harder: The 50 Cent BiographyHustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ($16.56, Amazon)
A great new biography always makes a cool, affordable Father’s Day gift. This one covers the legend behind the man behind the legend.

Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Sriracha: Great Father's Day gifts under $20.Bushwick Kitchen’s Weak Knees Cochujang Sriracha ($11.99, Amazon)
This stuff is amazing. A-ma-zing. And every ingredient sourced from this company supports local purveyors.

Cool gifts under $20 for Father's Day: Cozy sweatshirt from H&MComfy men’s sweatshirt in multiple colors | $14.99, H&M
Perhaps he has an old one that uh…needs replacing?

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Personalized stepdad artworkPersonalized “Bonus Dad” artwork
($6/instant download – $15+/printed,  Little Tree Lane Design)
If you need a cool Father’s Day gift for your stepfather, or other father-ish figure, he’ll will appreciate this more than you can imagine.

Cool Father's Day gifts under $20: Ndakter resettable bike combination lockResettable combination bike or stroller lock ($13.99-$14.99, Amazon)
If he likes to go for long bike rides or to take the baby for a ride on sunny days, he’ll appreciate a solid lock for those bathroom–or iced coffee–pit stops.

Father's Day gift ideas: Donation to World Central KitchenSupport for organizations that takes care of others (Photo: World Central Kitchen/
Take the kids shopping for Items for the local food pantry. Set up an assembly line to make sandwiches for your city’s soup kitchen. Or make a donation to one of our favorite nonprofits, World Central Kitchen, which feeds people where they’re needed most. Especially if he feels his family is everything he needs, these can be truly meaningful Father’s Day gifts, whatever you spend.