This Father’s Day, even dads who like the more frivolous stuff are seeing the joy in practical Father’s Day gifts. Whether it helps him around the house, master the WAH thing (for the short-term or the long-term), enjoy cooking more, or gear him up for a new hobby,  we love all these practical Father’s Day gifts that still happen to be pretty cool.

Not that some dads wouldn’t appreciate a quart of oil when it comes to practicality. But like, you don’t need us for that.

P.S. SO many great Father’s Day gifts are on sale right now. So get a move on!

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Cool but practical Father’s Day gifts for 2020


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: The Tushy bidet is wonderful!

Tushy Spa Bidet
($99 on sale, Hello Tushy)

Easy to install, joyous to use. They sent me one to try out and uh…life changing. Plus, you save on TP!


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Smokeless indoor grill by Philips

Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill
($213 on sale, Amazon)

Urban dads, we’ve got you! This grill is perfect for no-fuss, no-charcoal, no-gas grilling. Even indoors.



Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Bose Soundsport Wireless Sports Earbuds

Bose SoundSport Wireless Sports Earbuds
($227 and up, Amazon)

For the runner, biker, or WAH dad who just needs to tune out the world for a bit. We get it.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Digitize his old photos, slides, or VHS tapes for him with this top-rated service
Photo by Lindy Baker via Unsplash

Professional Photo Scanning of all his Slides or Photos
($145 for a prepaid box and up, Scan My Photos)

What a joy to finally have all those shoeboxes and albums full of family snapshots preserved digitally. You can also pay per scan if he has a few special ones worth saving. Oh, and this top-rated company can also convert VHS, DVD, and 8MM prints. Wow.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Cuisinart Coffee Bean Burr Grinder

Cuisinart Coffee Bean Grinder 
($59.95 on sale, Williams-Sonoma)

His morning coffee will never be the same.

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Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Evan Alexander Beard Conditioner can help him out with that quarantine beard

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Sandalwood beard pick from Evan Alex Grooming for that quarantine beard

My Beard Conditioner + A Handcrafted Wooden Beard Pick
($25 + $12.97 on sale, Evan Alexander Fine Grooming)

Growing a new quarantine beard? Help him take good care of it.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: A gift subscription to Audible

Audible Gift Subscription
($45/3 months and up, Audible with free 30 day trial)

Gift him a single book or a whole subscription so he can listen for himself.

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Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Smith Convoy Mountain Bike Helmet

Smith Mountain Bike Helmet
($88 on sale, Smith)

Making those socially-distant bike rides extra safe.

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Man Bar soap set

Man Bar Soap Set
($24, Uncommon Goods)

Seeing as how we’re flying through soup these days, these ones can be alllll his.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5
($399 and up, Apple)

Close those rings! It’s good for you! And of course, don’t forget to stand.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts for 2020: The Oster cordless rechargeable wine bottle opener

Oster Cordless Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener 
($19.99, Target)

The easiest way to open a bottle of wine in seconds? Now that’s a practical Father’s Day gift.

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Practical Father's Day gift ideas: Subscription to his favorite magazine | father's day gift guide 2017 | cool mom picks

A gift subscription to his favorite magazine
($7.50/mo for print + digital access for limited time, The New Yorker

Say goodbye to pesky firewalls with a subscription to a great magazine. Plus, supporting independent journalism is practical for more reasons than one.

If he’s more of a digital guy, definitely check out Apple News Plus (formerly texture) which offers unlimited access to hundreds of magazines on his iOS device. ($9.99/mo with free 1-month trial, if he’s super practical and really wants to be sure he likes it first.)

Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Bose Soundlink Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Waterproof Micro Bluetooth Speaker
($99, Nordstrom)

Big sound about the size of a phone, for biking, working outside, or those extra-long showers these days.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Cast iron grill press

Cast Iron Grill Press
($8.99 on sale, Sur la Table)

If he’s already got all the tools he needs, this is a great way to get those burgers leaner, that bacon flatter, or those paninis perfect.


Cool but practical Father's Day gifts: Vince slip-on driving shoes

Men’s Driving Shoes
($89 and up, Nordstrom)

Like who has the energy to fuss with laces these days?

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