Welcome to our next daily reader question, where you get to tell other cool parents what’s cool! Today, we’re asking about Gen Z slang. Our kids have created so much colorful vocabulary, and they get a hard time for a lot of it. So let’s turn it around a bit.

We want to know: Which Gen Z words and expressions do you actually love? (And hopefully, understand!) Choose up to 5 of your favorites.

Don’t worry, your answer is completely anonymous and we have no way of knowing who’s who. (Or uh, which of your kids are saying what.)

Come back for more daily questions, from silly to serious. Your voice matters and we want to hear from you!


1. Low-key
2. Basic
3. Sus
4. Hits different
5. Salty
6. It’s Giving

Best of Gen Z Slang: Reader results from our question of the day

Check back for a glossary of Gen Z slang, compiled by actual teens!