If there’s one thing moms need more of, it’s downtime. We love reading, watching shows, hobbies, and yes, playing games. SO many games. No judgments at all — whatever it takes to decompress is good by us. (Let alone starting each morning with Wordle without fail.)

So for today’s Dailly Question, we want to know: What mobile games do you love playing on your phone or tablet? Still have a secret love of Candy Crush? Are you a wildly competitive blackjack player? Do you take out your aggression on zombies? We’d love to see whether moms play the games that everyone thinks we play (ahem Farmville) or whether a few surprises are lurking in the games folder on our phones.

Just click the purple BEGIN button below to get started. Your answer is completely anonymous and we have no way of knowing who’s who. It’s just for fun. Kind of like games.

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Shown at top: Cut the Rope, still a favorite after all these years.